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The mystery of my lamp

Picture of my lamp, with a creamy white lampshade
I have a beautiful lamp, standing on my floor. Years ago I fell in love with it and it has been moving along with me to many new addresses I lived at throughout the years. Besides its beauty, there was never anything special about it. Until a few months ago. It is a mystery, a beautiful one though! A Divine miracle I want to share with you...

My lamp is an old lamp. I have no clue what it's worth in money. Probably not much, but that doesn't matter at all. It is made of copper, with those beautiful shapes on the foot of the lamp. I changed the lampshade a few times due to wear and tear.


It had to be?

No matter the material value, I will never sell it. This lamp is special to me. It always has been like that. I think we all have those pieces of furniture. They breathe a special energy. I think this lamp is already really old. I found it on the street, it was dumped by other people. I was so thrilled when I took it with me! It was like it picked me out of thousands of people to find him. Like it had to be like that!

Something mysterious about my lamp

A few months ago something mysterious started to happen about this lamp. Maybe you will laugh about it. Or think I'm crazy. Or maybe you would consider it coincidence. It doesn't matter. To me it is a miracle. And if you don't believe me you're invited to come and see it happen ;-)

My lamp would stop burning every now and then. Or not start burning at all when I turned it on. No big deal. An old lamp. Maybe something about the wiring or the plug. I called a friend, he replaced the plug, but meanwhile told me that there was actually nothing wrong with it. It was only for me he did it. Just to be sure.

Because there was nothing wrong with the wiring and the plug. So replacing stuff didn't change anything. At some days it would burn brightly, on other days my lamp seemed to take a break or so. I moved it, I shook the wires, plugged it in and out, with zero results.

Without doing anything the next day it would burn again. Sometimes for weeks in a row. Or only a few days. It was a bit strange. Mysterious. Technically where was nothing wrong with it. The outlet was perfectly fine too, because other devices worked well after plugging them in.

Becoming aware of my feelings and emotions

The last 3 to 4 months I started practicing my spirituality again. Because of Lyme Disease and my sudden disabilities, I had been too depressed and too tired to do so. But I understood the importance and I picked it up again. Especially for my healing process.

Step by step I started meditating again and reading spiritual books. It took a lot energy in the beginning, but practice and discipline bring great results. You get better even if you take small steps, even baby steps will move you forward.

Divine Power

Soon I was more aware of the way I feel, act and behave. Which is normal, when you tune in to "Divine channels". No matter how you address the "higher powers" in our Universe. You might call it God, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, the Universe, Love, etc. These are only names. It's in my opinion all about the same: the miracle of love and life.

If you (re)connect with these Divine power, you become aware, you become more sensitive. You notice things that were already happening, but you didn't see it before.

That is what happened to me too. When you tune in to Divine Love you have ups and downs. I had (and still have) good days and bad days. Which is very normal. I accept it, it is part of being a "student of the University of life".

My lamp as a reflection of my inner light

Observing my good and bad days brought a new awareness. Obviously on good days you are a powerhouse, that's what I call it. You feel so connected with the Universe. On those days you radiate loving energy. On the bad days however, your energy is low. Everything seems dark. And this all of the sudden brought an inside in relation to my lamb.

I thought: "Is it possible that there is a relationship between my light and dark days and my lamp burning?"

So I started to observe. And guess what. If I had a low day, the day after that low day, my lamp wouldn't burn. But if I had a great day, the lamp would burn the next day! I made notes how I felt every day. And notes about the burning of my lamp. And guess what: it was always the same!

So in a miraculous way this lamp reflects my inner light in retrospective! If I was "shining" the day before, so would my lamp the day after. Can you believe it? It is true! I am not joking! There were no exceptions. Not a single day! And it still works like that.

Thankful for my "light buddy"

Now my already special lamp has turned into a blessing I could never imagine before. My lamp has become my "light buddy". It is a blessing and a wonderful challenge to make it shine every day! I love its light, it shines beautiful if my inner light did as well. I really dislike it if my lamp refuses service.

My lamp has become a friend I can practice with. It is my mirror. My lamp mirrors whether or not my inner love and light energy were strong enough the day before. 

You may call me crazy

That is your good right. But don't worry: I am not dangerous and I don't harm anyone :-) On the contrary! It makes me a better person. I do my utmost now to let my inner light shine, which will result in a beautiful outer light. Isn't that awesome!

Life is a blessing full of miracles! 

Love and blessings to all of you!

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