donderdag 28 mei 2015

6 tips for Happy Brains

Your Brain is not designed to make you happy. That's your job. ~Anthony Robbins
I love this quote from Anthony Robbins, about our brain. Because we create our own Happiness! Actually, you can program yourself (read: your brains) to be happy. The good news is, that there are ways to make your brains happy forever. I have 6 awesome tips for you!

Happy Brains Tip 1: Walk!

Walking and going outside is a great way to feel happier. Walk at least half an hour for best results. It also improves your concentration and your memory! Don't walk too slow though, because this only works if you take a high pace. This doesn't mean you need to run like crazy.

Happy Brains Tip 2: Learn how to Dance!

Teaching yourself new things, especially at an older age, works great for your brains! It can slow down Alzheimer Disease or even prevent it. Especially if the new learning project is a mix of thinking and moving. I can't think of a better way than dancing! It is fun too! Learning new dances is a happy challenge!

Happy Brains Tip 3:  Challenge Yourself more Often!

Talking about happy challenges, in general it is important to go out and visit new places. Meet new people. Step out of your comfort zone and go discover new things. That is so exciting! It keeps your brains in shape and above all: Young! I want to be young! So go out, learn new things. Challenge yourself to do something you never did before. Even when it scares you!

Happy Brains Tip 4:  Avoid Brain Damage!

This is a simple one. It is called healthy living. On my Facebook Page I talk about health related things a lot. On all levels. Avoid all foods and drinks that cause your body damage. Be careful with alcohol, drugs, unhealthy fats, sugar, etc. Have a check up for high blood pressure and Cholesterol on a regular base. Be careful when you are into sports and in general protect your head when you're on a bike or so.

Happy Brains Tip 5:  Step into the Light

Don't worry, I am not asking you to join a religion or so. No such thing at all. I mean daylight, like from the sun. But it works even on a cloudy day. Get 1 hour of daylight every single day! No matter what the weather looks like. It will make you sleep better at night. And in general help you feel more positive. This is important for your wellbeing! When you feel well, you keep your brains happy, that is for sure!

Happy Brains Tip 6: Chewing Does the Job

My last tip for happier brains: Chew! Chewing well is like a mini work out for your body. Instead of going to the gym, chew better! It makes your heartbeat raise, the circulation of blood to your brains improves! The harder you chew, the better it is. Eat raw stuff.

Which reminds me it is almost lunchtime for me. Happy biting!

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